Silver Gelatin Prints. Editions of 3. 2023
Exhibited at Photo London with Cylinder Gallery D20 (May 10th-14th)
These pieces are inspired by Elle’s late father’s drawings of rocks, many of which she discovered in his studio following his recent unexpected passing. He was able to identify an incredibly unique beauty and calm in their eroding forms, likening their subtle imperfections to problems humans face on a daily basis, and their relative irrelevance to our wider state of being within the universe.
Elle draws parallels between the curves and textures of these eroding, evolving rocks and the ageing process of our bodies; something she sees more worthy of celebration than fear.
The films were processed with a bespoke developer she made using seaweed foraged from the Sussex coast where each image was shot. 
Memories I 
Framed 59 x 53cm. Unframed 44 x 37cm
Memories II & III (below)
Framed 42 x 39cm. Unframed 29 x 25cm
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