Using the medium of fine art photography, Elle Pickering explores our relationship with nature and memory. Heavily influenced by her background in painting her work currently explores the use of vintage film and printing techniques. Specifically now experimenting with replacing traditional chemicals with plant based materials to make her darkroom more sustainable. 
Her love for the natural world has seen her spend extensive periods exploring & photographing remote landscapes. She has also dedicated a substantial amount of time to working with leading social enterprises and charities helping to create a more sustainable future.
Her latest work is inspired by Elle’s late father’s drawings of rocks, many of which she discovered in his studio following his recent unexpected passing. He was able to identify an incredibly unique beauty and calm in their eroding forms, likening their subtle imperfections to problems humans face on a daily basis, and their relative irrelevance to our wider state of being within the universe.
Elle draws parallels between the curves and textures of these eroding, evolving rocks and the ageing process of our bodies; something she sees more worthy of celebration than fear. The films are developed with a bespoke developer made from seaweed foraged from the coast where the images are shot.
Elle lives in London and her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several leading publications. For more information including print sales, commissions and collaborations please go to the contact page.
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